The Apple iPhone 4S is the best technology ever made with the Siri and all other things it can do. A protection is a must for a back and front glass phone. As always OtterBox is on the top as the protective cover and a sleek design.  There are four different cases made by OtterBox:

  • Defender- The most protective cover with very nice colors ( check colors out here).  Has a built in screen protectr, hard shell, soft rubber case plus the belt clip holster.
  • Reflex- A new Series they came out with and its different from all other cases. This case is made out of hard plastic, but there is a rubber around it, so if the phone is dropped the case wil actually bounce and protect Your iPhone from shock. Comes with a free screen protector and installation kit.
  • Commuter- has two layers of protection: soft rubber case, which wraps the phone around and the hard plastic shell and goes over the soft part. Also includes very nice colors, check them out here. Comes with a free screen protector and installation kit.
  • Impact- Its the most sleekest case and very protective by its nature.  Made out of silicone rubber material and covers almost every part of the phone and leaves only the screen open.  Every button is accessible through the case just like every other case made by OtterBox. Comes with a free screen protector and installation kit.

iPhone 4S Cases by OtterBox fits every ones need and they can be purchased at a very affordable price from .  This cases are universal and fit any iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S every memory size, be it 8GB, 16GB, 32Gb and 64Gb.

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